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The Classics –Two Men’s Retro Styles That Are Always Hot

Monday, 17 November 2014 21:07

Barbering is an art that many hairdressers shy away from because they are intimidated by the technicality of a men's cut, but like with ANY design, it is all about the shape of the head," says Arielle Calamari at Aurelio Salon (Howell, NJ –

And she adds: "That's where you'll find the areas you need more height, de-bulking, etc. The intimidation with men's cutting is that you will see everything, but that's your opportunity to showcase your best work.”

Today, most men are more than wash and go, they want style – think Jared Leto’s man bun, Adam Levine’s slicked fade and Bruno Mars’ famous pomp. The shorter styles are classics, dating back to James Dean’s rockabilly coif and The King’s legendary pompadour. These classic styling techniques that yield retro modern hip styles can last for at least two days – style on the first, rework the second with a blow dryer and shampoo on the third day. 

James Dean Rockabilly
1. Shampoo hair with KMS California Hair Play Texture Shampoo to create texture/bulk for style ready hair.
2. Dry hair using the KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray to cut down the time.
3. Apply KMS California Hair Play Messing Creme throughout and use the heat from the blow dryer to work and sculpt into desired shape.
4. Take fingers and run through the front section to create separation and a more casual texture.

Elvis Presley Pompadour
1. Shampoo with KMS California Hair Play Texture Shampoo to create texture/bulk for style ready hair.
2. Use the KMS California Add Volume Body Build Detangler to increase volume by 40%.
3. Dry hair in a forward motion, use KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry Spray to speed up drying.
4. Apply KMS California Hair Play Clay Creme; heat up product in hands and work it though hair.
5. Comb sides tight to the head and top up and back to desired look.

Photos: Getty Images

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