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Five Easy Steps to Styling Men's Thinning Hair

Sunday, 10 August 2014 16:34

According to an article in the Daily Mail, one in three men say losing their hair damages their self image.

Most men can’t help it – it’s in their genes. However, there’s a way to hide it and make hair seem thicker and fuller than it really is.

To help men regain their confidence, Eufora Educator and Eufora HERO for Men Team Member, Steven McLaughlin, has come up with five easy steps to styling thinning hair:

Step 1: Start with a shorter hair length. The shorter the hair, the less thin it looks because the thinning areas will not be accentuated. Shorter hair also helps the styling process.

Step 2: Prep the hair. Prepping the hair with a good control cream or styling glaze, such as Eufora HERO for Men Thickening Elixir. It provides great control and contains the naturally derived ingredient, Tapioca Starch, which helps hair not only feel thicker, but also look thicker. After applying Thickening Elixir, lightly blow dry the hair with or without a brush.

Step 3: Use a putty gel. Men with thinner hair should use a product that has little to no shine. Too much shine can expose the scalp and leave hair looking thinner than it actually is. Eufora HERO for Men Texture Putty provides great control with a matte finish. Steer clear of using products that are petroleum or mineral oil based. This can suffocate the follicle leading to further thinning.

Step 4: Choose the right styling tool. Choosing the right styling tools for thinning hair depends on the type of style a man is trying to achieve. For a smooth and sleek look, use a flat shaped brush. When trying to create a specific shape that requires control and direction in the hair, a fine or wide tooth comb is the best option. For a quick and easy style, use your hands for a tousled, messy look which makes the hair appear thicker. 

Step 5: Be proactive. Taking proactive steps to reduce hair loss is crucial and starts with finding quality products that don’t contain a lot of follicle clogging ingredients, such as petrolatum and mineral oil. A great starting point would be to find products specifically formulated to promote hair growth and combat hair loss. Each product in the Eufora HERO for Men professional hair care line contains the ProAmino Peptide Complex. This powerful ingredient blend works above and below the scalp to nourish, protect and stimulate the hair follicle.


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