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In the Pink with Eufora!

Friday, 24 July 2020 15:16

Pink is making a statement as this season’s new fashion color, and, for those feeling “in the pink” about emerging from lockdown, that first trip back into the salon is a great time to test drive some self expression.

Not too long ago pink may have been a color stretch for most women, but it has quickly gained momentum as the new icy white blonde alternative for fashionistas and celebrities alike.

Recent pink converts include Elle Fanning, Suki Waterhouse, Taylor Swift, Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson, and even the grand dame herself… Helen Mirren!

From passionate pink to blush, there are pinks to suit every woman’s personal style and skin tone. Keep in mind, pastel pinks go best with cool skin tones – pink/magenta tones work best on guests with a more sun-kissed complexion.

At Eufora they love this fashion-forward trend, and asked for some expert advice from their Color Development Manager, Joanne Rempel, who loves to create those eye-popping pinks! The EuforaColor mixologist extraordinaire shares her insider tips for pink perfection below.

I use EuforaColor Artisan Pink Peony as the foundation for any pink tone because as a Direct Dye, it offers tremendous color, shine and flexibility.  For the most vibrant pink/magenta tone, pre-lighten hair to a level 10 and then use Artisan Direct Dye, Pink Peony, on its own OR, pre-lighten to a level 9, add a little Artisan Red Rose and a drop of Artisan Purple Iris to Pink Peony for a shockingly vibrant pink tone.

Joanne’s favorite formula:
▶ 25g Artisan Pink Peony
▶ 5g   Artisan Red Rose
▶ 1 drop Artisan Purple Iris (about 1/4g)
Apply to pre-lightened dry hair. Process for 30 min. No developer needed.

If soft and subdued is the pink you seek, simply dilute the formula above with Artisan Crystal Clear at a ratio of 1:4. (1-part Artisan Color to 4 parts Artisan Crystal Clear)

Looking for a pretty pastel pink? Joanne shares another super easy trick! Dilute Artisan Pink Peony with Eufora Daily Balance Conditioner using the same mixing ratio. 

No matter the hue you choose, Artisan packs a POWERFUL PINK PUNCH. Just check out (pictures above) the personal pink Joanne and one of her stylists, Courtney Anderson, crafted for their own salon team member, Caitlyn!

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