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Perfectly Customized Color... + Conditioning!

Wednesday, 27 November 2019 14:45

Today, thanks to the astonishing new shades of Aveda Full Spectrum Vibrants™, your clients can truly be themselves more than ever before.

Aveda Full Spectrum Vibrants™ offer salon professionals the possibility to create customizable palettes of bold hues with 10 new bold shades (plus clear), but more importantly deliver perfect conditioning and radiant shine with 96% naturally derived formulas and a signature blend of protective plant oils.

Now the colorist can consult with the clients in their chair to envision the color they dream about and identify with before giving full rein to creativity for uniquely intense and vibrant results. And just to get you started, Aveda is providing a “case study” of Danielle’s traffic-stopping red, perfect for the woman who knows who she is and intends to live her passions to the fullest.

Lars Eriksen Eitran, Guest Artist, Norway @myfavoritefabric came up with this fabulous formula to and shares it below.


– 30 g enlightener™ powder lightener
– 60 ml 10 or 20 volume color catalyst™—creme

– FORMULA A: 40 g Poppy
– FORMULA B: 40 g Iris

1. Section the hair as illustrated (picture #1 below).
2. Beginning at the bottom of the center back section and working up, take medium-density, medium-effect slices, and apply the prelightening formula using a balayage technique.
3. Repeat in the back right, back left, front right and front left sections.
4. In the center top section, take heavy-density, fine-effect weaves, and apply the prelightening formula off the center parting.
5. Process to yellow/orange, shampoo, rinse and repeat. Do not condition or treat.

6. Section the hair as illustrated (picture #2 below).
7. Within each section, take diagonal subsections, and alternate applying Formulas A and B to create a dimensional effect.
8. Process 20 minutes, and rinse with cool water until the water runs clear. Do not shampoo, condition or treat.


For detailed descriptions of these techniques, visit, select the Resources tab and search “The Art and Science of Hair Color.”

  • 1. Prelightening Steps

  • 2. Application Steps

  • 3. Aveda Vibrants

  • 4. Customization Chart



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