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How-To: Road Trip Ready Blonde

Monday, 19 August 2019 13:17

As we approach the days of Labor Day road trips and holiday travel, we share this step-by-step with you on how to get “road trip ready” blonde from Eufora International. See the before and after below, along with the step-by-steps for both the color and cut!

COLOR: Model’s starting level is a NATURAL: Level 7 with highlights

● 2x10g AloeLite Blue Bleaching Pods
● 20g AloeLite Cream Lightener
● 80g 20 Volume (6%) EuforaColor Universal Cream Developer
● Ratio: 1:2

● 10g EuforaColor No Ammonia 10.32/10GV (Lightest Beige Blonde)
● 10g EuforaColor No Ammonia 6.01/6NA (Dark Natural Ash Blonde)
● 30g 5 Volume (1.5%) EuforaColor Toning Solution
● Ratio: 1:3

Step one: Pre-Lighten – backcomb base and pre-lighten mids and ends to level 10 with PRE-LIGHTENING FORMULA 1. Cleanse and tone with TONING FORMULA 2.

Step two: Start at the natural recession of the front hairline around the Occipital Bone and back to the other side. Carve out 3 deep “U” shaped zig-zag sections diagonally around the head. Make each section smaller, finishing with a small triangular section at the top front (fringe) area of the hairline.

● 1 part EuforaColor No Ammonia 8.73/8AG (Light Cappuccino Blonde)
● 1 part EuforaColor No Ammonia 10.3/10G (Lightest Golden Blonde)
● 60g 10 Volume (3%) EuforaColor Universal Cream Developer
● Ratio: 1:1

● 1 part Sunflower Yellow EuforaColor Artisan
● 1 part Crystal Clear EuforaColor Artisan
● 1 dropper Color Control Drops
● Ratio: 1:1

Step three: Blonding Balayage – starting at the nape, take “V’ shaped sub sections and frame the outside edges with BLONDING FORMULA 3. Then fill in the section with ARTISAN FORMULA 4. For each formula, add an eye dropper of Color Control Drops to thicken and prevent color bleeding.

Step four: Apply formulas to each section, ending with the top front fringe area and process for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and seal with COLOR ELIXIR PROFESSIONAL EALER (Step 2). Rinse and style as desired.


● Section the hair from the high point of the head to just behind the ear on both sides
● Section horizontally from ear to ear across the occipital bone
● Pin sides forward and crown back above the occipital

Perimeter Cut:
● Condense the hair in mid back and point cut to desired length
● Drop down the section pinned up at the crown and cut to match
● Have guest turn their head to the side, cropping hair behind the shoulder and cut to match the back-perimeter guide and repeat on other side

Layer Cut:
● Section a small triangle from the high point of the head to the front hairline (wider between the brows to narrow toward the apex)
● Comb section to a 45” projection off the front of the head and cut layers to desired length vertically (cut/finger position is at 90 degrees)
● Continue with diagonal forward ¼” sections and comb hair to established stationary guide at the top of the head. Continue to the top of the ear.
● Comb hair at natural fall and blend visually

  • Credits
  • Color: Joann Rempel, Eufora Color Development Manager
  • Cut: Mirza Batanovic, US Style Director
  • Tutorial Photos: Walt Davidson
  • Editorial Photos: Evan Duning
  • Producer: Doug Smith
  • Anna Before

  • Anna Step 1

  • Anna Step 1A

  • Anna Step 2

  • Color Process

  • Color Process

  • Cutting Process

  • Cutting Process

  • Cutting Process

  • Cutting Process

  • Cutting Process

  • Cutting Process

  • Final Look


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