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Tweaking texture with Twiddling!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 10:54
From frizz to fab

KMS® California Artistic Team Members Joi Rooks and Lori Panarello tell all about their twiddling technique

Twiddling is a great technique for controlling naturally textured hair and for creating texture that explodes with volume.  It controls curl and smoothes the cuticle, reducing frizz and adding shine, while pumping up volume. Joi Rooks, KMS® California Artistic Team Member and owner of fresche salon (Atlanta, GA) and Lori Panarello, KMS® California North American Artistic Team Member and owner of I.d salon (New York) say, "Twiddling takes time, but it’s worth it".
Twiddling is a technique that uses ceramic sticks in various sizes heated with a flat iron to create tight spring curls that last until the next shampoo.  “This takes patience and time, and you have to work with small sections to achieve bouncy, springy curls, but it's totally worth it, especially for runway or photo shoots,” says Rooks.  “It’s great for creating dramatic, exaggerated volume, the sticks come in three sizes so you can alternate them to build volume,” adds Panarello.

To start, Rooks and Panarello prep hair by applying KMS® California FREESHAPE® hot flex creme to hair and blow dry it smooth. They also suggest keeping it smooth and flat at the base (about 2 inches off part). Then they crimp hair under the crown section to start building pliable texture and volume, keeping it off the 2-inch flat section. Now it’s Twiddle time.

How To Twiddle
1 - Spray KMS® California HAIRPLAY®  playable texture  on a small section of hair (1/4 inch) and wrap it around and down a Twiddle stick, keeping the section compact
2 - Apply heat with a flat iron for 3-4 seconds to each segment; rotating the stick back and forth so all the hair gets heated.
3 - Let cool
4 - Slide stick out
5 - Repeat around the head until finished

“Twiddling is a technique that many stylists are unfamiliar with, creating a YouTube video about it would be a great way to teach team members the technique, as well as, promote the service to clients,” adds Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California and social media mentor

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  • Before and after Twiddling Technique


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