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How To: Three Whimsical Miss Universe Looks by Tammy Mixon

Sunday, 25 February 2018 18:09

Farouk Systems Global Artist Tammy Mixon shares how to replicate each look she created for reigning Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters during New York Fashion Week exclusively with CHI products and tools.

  • 1. Create a diagonal section from the top of the ear to the top of the other ear.
  • 2. Back section is brushed up to the top of the head and secured into a ponytail.
  • 3. Brush the front section back and combine in the back section making one sleek pony.
  • 4. Using the CHI LAVA 1" Hairstyling Iron slightly curl the ends for control.
  • 5. Loosely braid the ponytail, wrap it around forming a top knot and secure with pins.
  • 6. Finish of with CHI Helmet Head making all of the edges nice and clean.
  • .
  • 1. Prep hair by spraying CHI 44 Iron Guard throughout the hair.
  • 2. Taking 1 inch sections, smooth hair using the CHI LAVA 1" Hairstyling Iron, paying close attention to smoothing the root area. Curl the ends of the hair slightly under.
  • 3. Create a deep side part on the preferred side, divide hair into three equal sections. Smooth the back section only into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic band and pins. The two front sections remain loose.
  • 4. Take one front section and wrap around the pony clockwise, secure with a pin into ponytail. Take the remaining side section and wrap around the pony counter clockwise, secured with a pin into ponytail.
  • 5. Twist ponytail tightly wrapping it around itself clockwise until a bun is formed. Secured in with pins.
  • 6. Smooth all extra flyaway with CHI smoothing comb and CHI Infra Texture. Add CHI Shine Spray for extra sheen.
  • .
  • 1. Prep hair with CHI Silk Infusion and CHI 44 Iron Guard.
  • 2. Create a deep side part on preferred side.
  • 3. Take 1" section of hair and spray section with CHI Enviro 54 Hairspray.
  • 4. Wrap section around the barrel of CHI DURA 1.25" Curling Iron to create curl.
  • 5. Release hair from iron and wrap hair neatly around your index finger recreating the curl. Pin with clip to set.
  • 6. Repeat for all sections of the hair. Let curls cool in set for additional five minutes.
  • 7. Remove pins in the same order as they were curled to maximize set.
  • 8. Brush through curls with CHI Paddle Brush.
  • 9. Brush one side of hair back and pin behind the ear.
  • 10. Finish with CHI Enviro 54 Hairspray.


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