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7 Top Color Melting Tips from Matrix Artistic Director Chrystofer Benson

Saturday, 23 December 2017 00:33

Color Melting was the hottest trend of 2017 and will continue to make its way through 2018! But... why is Color Melting taking the world by storm?

First, the soft gradation effect can be used on any client, with any color. Second, the seamless transitions make any haircolor look like it could have happened naturally. Finally, it’s an exciting technique that any stylist can use to delight their clients with a new look.

Below are 7 Top Color Melting Tips from Matrix Artistic Director Chrystofer Benson’s using his CBC Tools. Check it out:

1. COLOR MELTING is all about the strokes and movement of the brushes – strong short strokes give more of a focused strobing effect medium strokes gives a fusing effect and long strokes shapes gives it more of a marble color melt.

2. I use CBC Fusing brushes #1 and 2 for the strobing and fusing type color melting because of the cuts on the brushes interlock.

3. I use CBC #3 Blending Brushes for the medium and longer strokes for soft diffusion and long melting colors.

4. I use CBC #4 Detailing Brushes for shorter hair melting and fine details.

5. Dry brushing to have the best integrated colors in your melt after you apply your color melt – take a CBC #4 Detailing Brush and blend colors.

6. Side brushes when applying with regular color brushes.

7. I think of my Blondes and Brunette Color melt as a deeper base and blend to my medium and then either use clear in that formula to dilute the depth and add and melt to the end so in the color I am already melting by adding the clear and as finite minds and end melt.

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