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How To! New York City Glam – Midnight Edge Hair Trend by Redken

Saturday, 25 February 2017 22:58

Inspired by New York City after dark, Redken turns up the vibrant hair trend with NEW Midnight Edge, modeled by Redken Muse, Crystal Renn. Now even clients with dark brunette hair can experience a dramatic new color look accentuated with deep blues and chic silvers using Chromatics and Shades EQ professional haircolor.

From precision strokes to broad sweeps of color, this season’s latest trend in bold color is created with Redken’s NEW Edging Brush, which allows the colorist the ability to detail and define the look to capture midnight effects with a downtown edge.

Haircolor is totally the new makeup,” says Redken Artist Sean Godard, creator of Crystal’s bold look. “Gone are the days when one visited their colorist every six weeks for a standard touch up. With the latest technology used to ensure hair’s integrity is never compromised, now you can switch up your haircolor as often as you switch up your lipstick. Why settle for one look when Redken offers so many formulas to maximize the full potential of color expression?

Natural Level 3, Dark Brown

2 oz. 1Ab (3.0) Chromatics
2 oz. 10 vol. Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer

1 scoop Flash Lift Maximum Power
Lightening Powder
1 oz. 20 vol. Pro-oxide Cream Developer

1 oz. Chromatics Remixed Blue
1 oz. 10 vol. Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer

1 oz. 8Aa (8.11) Chromatics
1 oz. 10 vol. Chromatics Oil in Cream Developer

¾ oz. 09B Sterling Shades EQ Gloss
¾ oz. 09P Opal Glow Shades EQ Gloss
1 ½ oz. Shades EQ Processing Solution

SECTIONING: Working from a deep right side part, create a triangle-shaped section, with the “point” of the triangle extended to just about 1" above the left ear.
TIP: Make sure that enough hair will spill over to create a veil effect of the base color over the Midnight Edge effect.
APPLICATION: In the triangle section apply Highlight Formula from Zone 2 and saturate through to the ends. Foil back-to-back using ¼" slices. Turn brush perpendicular and blend towards the scalp area. Cover with foil to secure. Continue to drop down slices, placing them on to foils. Complete the triangle. Process at room temperature to pale yellow, or up to 50 minutes.

Apply Base Formula to Zone 1 (the scalp area) using a global application. Process at room temperature for 35 minutes (or until Highlight Formula reaches desired level and tone). Shampoo with Extreme. Apply Redken Chemistry Extreme. Dry hair.

SECTIONING: Isolate the pre-lightened triangle, and secure the remaining hair for control.
APPLICATION: (Refer to graphic on the left for details). Place a ¼"–½" slice onto a foil. Using vertical application, apply Midnight Formula 1 to the edge of Zone 2 using the side edge of the Redken Edging Brush (A). Saturate to the ends. Immediately apply Midnight Formula 2 on the same slice, using the same technique, to the opposite edge (B). Switching to horizontal application, use the flat edge of the brush to gently blend both formulas in the middle, softening the vertical lines (C). Cover with foil to secure. Use back-to-back application and drop down the next slice onto a foil, apply Midnight Formula 3 to Zone 2 and saturate to the ends. Cover with foil to secure. Continue to drop down slices, alternating formulas using the same technique. Process at room temperature for 35 minutes. Shampoo and condition with Color Extend Magnetics.

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