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Color your Investments with Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ColorWorx!

Friday, 10 June 2016 18:45

There are times where brands are leading the trends, but there are others where the trends are the ones inspiring brands to fit the need of what clients want. Models and It Girls, such as Kylie Jenner and Nicole Richie are setting the trends for electrifying highlights, and daring placements in every color of the rainbow...

Schwarzkopf Professional now enables clients to experience striking hair color, without a long-term commitment, and is also enabled colorists to learn from North America Color Director Rossa Jurenas with a special 2-day seminar on Madison Avenue which was a complete success.

Those who attended learned to "SPIKE" and create intensely bold, ultra-versatile color combinations of bright blues and smoldering reds alongside burnt orange and fresh greens! Take the leap and revamp your creative palette to see how ColorWorx can increase your client’s color options.

While other brands have also taken the opportunity to capitalize on the bold color hair trend, and turn it into a yearlong social media obsession, IGORA ColorWorx from Schwarzkopf Professional offers unique points of differentiation designed for longevity, through direct application, pastel mixing, customized, boosting, and correction.

Schwarzkopf Professional expanded their IGORA line with this highly anticipated IGORA ColorWorx. The range includes eight different shades; The eight colors are available in; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink, including a diluter in White for mixing. Most importantly, it last for up to twenty washes, and can be combined with any oxidative, or nonoxidative Schwarzkopf Professional hair dye.

IGORA ColorWorx gives stylists the opportunity to unleash their creativity; whether it be to intensify a look, create a new look, or to color correct and soften existing tones,” said Rossa Jurenas. “ColorWorx allows stylists to create every conceivable look or color combination. The direct dyes are intermixable with color from any brand, but provide highly optimized results when used with Schwarzkopf Professional color.”

The new shades, due to the 2x higher pigment concentration, offer intense color results that are made to stand out. Whether you are going for a subtle look or a vibrant color, IGORA ColorWorx has it all. Goodbye boredom, hello spontaneity!

  • Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ColorWorx Seminar

  • Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ColorWorx Seminar

  • Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ColorWorx Seminar

  • Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ColorWorx Seminar

  • Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ColorWorx Seminar

  • Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ColorWorx Seminar

  • Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA ColorWorx Seminar


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