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Vibrant Pearl Hair HOW TO: Mother of Pearl Hair!

Friday, 15 January 2016 16:45

Instagram is the holder of secrets and treasures. This week we ran into Kate Macfarlane, an Aussie stylist with a je-ne-sais-quoi when it comes to creating colors that mimic nature! 

The inspiration for this look came from a mother of pearl hair creation that I completed a few weeks back but we wanted the color to be a little more vibrant throughout the mid lengths and ends,” said Macfarlane. "I love my clients that allow me full artistic expression over their hair and this lovely lady always leaves it up to me.”

We reposted her picture in Instagram, and it was such a success we decided to chat her up for the inside scoop on recreating the look. Here are the specific steps of how she did it!

Step 1: I first mixed up 1 scoop of Lakme blue bleach powder and 60grams of 20vol and weaved foils throughout the top and sides of the hair just lightening out the regrowth section of the hair as the ends were blonde from previous lightening.

Step 2: I then used 1 scoop of Guy Tang balayage lightener to 60grams of High developer and 6mls of Olaplex.

Step 3: I then hand painted all the remaining sections underneath through the roots to the mid lengths and through to the ends in places to brighten her blonde.

Step 4: Processed for 30 minutes.

I fully dried the hair and mixed my colors

  1. Silver: Schwarzkopf 45ml 9.5-22 12mls 12-11 3mls E-01 and 60mls 7vol
  2. Pink: Pravana vivids pink with a line of magenta
  3. Yellow: Olaplex no2 mixed with Pravana vivids yellow and Pravana Neon yellow until desired colour was achieved
  4. Blue: Pravana Blissful Blue with a line of Neon Blue
  5. Purple: Pravana Luscious Lavender with a drop of Pravana Violet

Step 5: I applied the Silver formula from scalp to mid lengths all over and then starting at the nape of the neck took 1 inch square sections and applied each of the vibrant colors on different sections from mid lengths to ends in no particular order. I always use my visual judgment while doing this and apply each color in a way that will be the most complimenting. I always make sure I use the yellow least, as it’s quite a powerful color and just use it to highlight the other colors.

Step 6: Developed for 20 mins under a heat lamp set to 38 degrees.

Step 7: I finally rinsed in cool water, conditioned and styled.

For more of her looks follow Kate on Instagram!

By Alejandra Acuña

  • Mother of Pearl Hair

  • Mother of Pearl Hair

  • Mother of Pearl Hair

  • Mother of Pearl Hair


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