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How To! The Hipster Rock Look Step-by-Step

Sunday, 27 December 2015 15:28

A rock and hipster haircut for a fascinating man. This look created by Coiffeur en France is shaved at the sides and voluminous at the nape.An aggressive hairlook but at the same time elegant with the linearity of the beard.

  • Credits
    Hair: Chrystelle Berthelot, Benjamin Stalter, Raphael Perrier
    Photo: Duy Hà Minh
    Makeup: Julie Roux
    Styling: Simon Dava
  • Step 1 - Make a horizontal separation above the temples at the recession.

  • Step 2 - Cut the first side at 90° with the shears-over-comb technique. The shears must be moving faster than the comb.

  • Step 3 - Define the line around the ears.

  • Step 4 - Continue with the nape, beginning at the centre. Cut at 90° with the shears-over-comb technique. Continue with the sides until you reach the zone of union.

  • Step 5 - Perfect the zones of the nape with a clipper.

  • Step 6 - End with the shears-over-comb technique, then grade with the razor in the intermediate zone. Continue with the top of the head.

  • Step 7 - Make a centred separation on the top of the head. Lift the strand perpendicular to the floor and cut at 180°.

  • Step 8 - Take vertical sections and cut them at 180° on the sides. In this way, define the middle strand to be used as a guide to the centre. Continue with the frontal zone towards the top of the head.

  • Step 9 - Make a horizontal separation 2 cm above the temple line. Use the comb to lift the section parallel to the floor and cut at 180°. Trim the tips with thinning shears.

  • Step 10 - Cut the beard using the shears-over-comb technique.

  • Step 11 - Define the beard contours with an electric razor, first on the sides, then the centre.

  • Step 12 - Trim the length of the moustache with the electric razor.

  • Step 13 - Perfect the contours with the razor.

  • Final Look


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