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Urban Yet Eccentric Salon Design in Brussels

Monday, 01 September 2014 17:23

Surreal and exclusive atmosphere for Steff’s salon in Bertem near Brussels. Offering hairdressing services, a bar-bistro and accessory/jewellery boutique!

Welcome to New York... But also to a fabulous French castle! Steff’s D. Hair & Care salon in Bertem, just a short distance from Brussels, is a fascinating place where an urban yet eccentric New York style lives alongside French elegance and splendour.

For the third restyling and extension of this salon, owner Steff Vranckx en Dirk, together with Interlook Design, opted for the inspired work of designer Andrée Putman. The 265 square metre location alternates between contemporary severity and classic frills and trimmings, within the overall theme of Pietranera salon furnishing.

White, black and gold feature throughout the different areas of the salon, combined in such a way as to create a surreal atmosphere. Instead of shelves, plaster-cast hands hold up the products. Shiny chessboard-like tiles reminiscent of scenes in Alice in Wonderland, vintage English-style sofas. Unusually, the technical area has no mirrors, whilst a VIP area allows clients a one-to-one relationship with a hairdresser. A team of eight hairstylists, each specialized in a different area, guarantee expert technical advice and consultations.

So, a hairdressing salon, but not only. At the entrance to Steff’s D. Hair & Care, there’s a boutique in warm welcoming colors where clients can examine accessories and jewellery in well-organized display units of contrasting classic and modern styles. Meanwhile, the bar/bistro right next door has been integrated with the salon environment. This service centres around the experience itself – designed to amaze, satisfy and pamper clients.


  • Steff’s D. Hair & Care Salon

  • Steff’s D. Hair & Care Salon

  • Steff’s D. Hair & Care Salon

  • Steff’s D. Hair & Care Salon

  • Steff’s D. Hair & Care Salon


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