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A wig that's fashionable and intelligent… Sony's SmartWig!

Wednesday, 04 December 2013 22:03

Imagine a wig that can be worn "in addition to natural hair" and will be able to process data and communicate wirelessly with other external devices!

This smart wig can help navigate roads and collect information like your blood pressure! Sony has filed a patent application for SmartWig, Google and Samsung are among the companies that have launched products in wearable technology and companies are taking notice that wearable gadgets are definitely a key growth area!

Sony has clearly understood the growing trend and the huge potential market, the japanese company stated that the wig could be made from horse hair, human hair, feathers, yak hair, wool, buffalo hair or any kind of synthetic material. They have made the communication interface and sensors discreet in the wig are partly covered by parts of the wig in order to be hidden from sight during use.

Sony has stated that the SmartWig has various uses and potentially can help blind people navigate roads: the wig is said to have a small video camera or a sensor that could help provide the position and location of the wearer. A remote user can access the images provided and send vibration commands through the network and navigate the wig user manually to a desires destination! A further potential change Sony can make for the wig may be to use ultrasound waves to detect objects around users. Sony stated that their SmartWig will be compatible with other smart devices such as glasses and phones.

An impressive feature Sony is looking to introduce is to have a healthcare sector, they stated that a combination of the SmartWig sensors can detect temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. This amazing device can also be used during presentations giving the wearer the ability to move to the next presentation slide or back to the preceding presentation slide by simply raising his/her eyebrows. A Sony spokesperson stated that the firm had not decided on any plans for commercial production of the SmartWig as of yet... but here's looking to the future!

  • Sony has filed a patent application for SmartWig


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