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Furnishing Solutions: 7 Ideas for the Salon with an Outdoor Area

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 09:06

Not all hairdressing shops have this possibility, but when there is a space available, an outdoor area is certainly a plus.

Hair salons are often located in urban settings. This is why they are designed as indoor spaces. In some lucky cases however –when the surface area and the location make it possible– hairdressing salons can exploit the surrounding outdoor space to set up a relaxation area and even a bar. In Estetica's selection, 7 examples of outdoor spaces, from the easiest to the most complex, suggest what types of solutions can be adopted.

The inner courtyard
The salon Héctor Carvajal in Barcelona has exploited every space to the max, including the inner courtyard. Indeed, it has been transformed into a mini-oasis of relaxation, recreating a “secret garden”  with a grassy carpet and chairs for winding down next a small table. The natural light comes from above and the limited dimensions lend a sense of privacy.

In the square
A totally different context for the salon Avi Ohana in Israel. Immersed in the city, it has succeeded in exploiting the large square constructed around the building to set up tables and chairs that invite clients to take a break while waiting. The area is large enough to feel airy and gives an open view of street level and the urban chic setting.

On the pavement
Even when the space available is a bit limited Piotr Mordas, in Białystok in Poland, it was sufficient to create a perfectly pleasant, if small, open-air café. Indeed, it took the salon's environmentalist style and merely extended it out to the chairs and tables: built in wood and then enamelled in bright colors and decorated with flower pots, it gives a nod to a charming green appeal.

An ad hoc niche
At Sirius Hair Salon, in Istanbul, there is a small space in front of the shop windows that was just big enough to line with large flower pots. Although plonk in the middle of metropolitan surroundings, the sensation is that of a corner garden that is well-tended and cosy, where it is pleasant to sit at the table and wait for your appointment or just chat once you're done.
An exclusive garden (dida)

Elegant Garden
At salon Yildirim Ozdemir Hair Design in İzmir, in Turkey, the well-appointed and cosy garden concept evolves. Thanks to the large locations, one side of the salon was dedicated to a garden that hosts elegant chairs and table and functions as the outdoor space of the indoor bar. A more structured solution with a clearly-defined function.

Up in the air
Even more exclusive and suggestive is the solution adopted by the salon Scıssorys Friseure of Heilbronn, in Germany. Situated on the last floor of a building in the heart of the downtown, it enjoys an open-air space thanks to the ample all-around terrace which offers breathtaking views of the skyline. Chairs and table invite clients to take a break during the day and welcome guests for evening events organised on special occasions.

Set up as a bar
Wooden decks, umbrellas, chairs, and plants. The barbershop Gett's Men Exclusive, in Bucharest, Romania, as set up an actual bar just outside the shop, turning it into just one of the services offered to clients, transforming the entire business into a social hub and night-time hot spot. With careful attention paid to every detail, the dehor is interpreted in a style reminiscent of both vintage and contemporary, which also speaks volumes of the barbershop’s image.

  • Héctor Carvajal

  • Avi Ohana

  • Avi Ohana

  • Piotr Mordas

  • Piotr Mordas

  • Sirius Hair Salon

  • Yildirim Ozdemir Hair Design

  • Yildirim Ozdemir Hair Design

  • Scıssorys Friseure

  • Gett's Men Exclusive

  • Gett's Men Exclusive


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