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The Color Room Salon & Day Spa

Tuesday, 27 November 2012 16:13

Pamela Anderson, owner and CEO of Color Room Salon & Day Spa, was aiming for an intimate quality in design and comfort with an urban twist. She succeeded in getting both.

The Color Room Salon & Day Spa at 14785 W. 101st Avenue in Dyer, Indiana is the brainchild of Pamela Anderson, owner and CEO, who has dedicated her life and passion to hair and beauty for over 25 years. So when she set out to open her 4200 square-foot salon, she opted for an intimate quality through design and comfort with modern urban look.

The lines are clean and further enhanced with each volume in a contrasting color. Warm tones of coral, wheat, and sage green dominate and are well-grounded on the earthy cement flooring.
For spiffy contrast, there is a sort of evocative leitmotiv of white rounded furnishing and accessories: the mirrors at each futuristic work station for one, but also the sexy, white, cushiony chairs, the circular cut-outs in the manicure station chairs, and milkly glass ceiling lamps all demonstrate attention to detail.
Refreshing splashes of greenery add just the right contrast here and there. Urban chic meets New Age charm.

  • Color Room Salon

    Upon entering, guests are greeted with a refreshing palette of bright colors.

  • Reception and retail

    The well-stocked retail displays are strategically placed near the reception desk

  • Styling stations

    We love the round mirrors and semi-circular motif throughout - almost evoking the phases of the moon.

  • Backbar and manicure stations

    Open spaces lend particular depth to the feel of this salon. We love the winding copper pipe, echoing the viney greenery that contrasts nicely with the warmer hues.

  • Another view

    Once again the white circular motifs strike up a contrast with the warm colors of the background.

  • Points of interest

    Modern art lends splashes of color and conversations pieces throughout.

  • Rainbow connection

    Hallways feature rainbow colored runner rugs in theme with the rest.


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