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Color and creativity go hand in hand. Perfect for enhancing a modern reinterpretation of the classic bob. A tribute to the timeless beauty of geometric shapes married to modern colors.

Fibres, fabrics and feathers: textiles are woven creations that bring together seemingly discordant elements into harmony by weaving them together. Statement color against black.


24 February 2012
A fringe is fundamental to the shape. Smooth or textured, straight or curved, androgynous yet seductive. Make your… punktuation… mark. By Sam Villa. 

Planet Salon Collection

24 February 2012

Planet Salon Collection

Looks for a woman who is boldly keeps the night time company. Her style shimmers in the darkness. By Planet Salon.

Serendipitous invention. Texture and shape. Hair is sculpted, pressed and moulded. Balloons float us away on a dream. By The Teals for Teal.

Kinetic Collection

24 February 2012

Color as energy in motion: rich browns, golden blonds and gossamer fabrics. A vintage air projected into a shadowy future. Contrasts of light and dark, strength and softness. By Chrystofer Benson.

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