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Understated Elegance

13 August 2012

Elegance and beauty are absolute truths yet come in many shades and forms. Like gold they shine, lighting the way.

Refreshing as a fruit salad. A blueberry, raspberry, apricot, and mint parfait. Cool pastels. Perfect for summer, day or night.  Crisp cuts under blue skies, sunshine, and fair weather.

Metallic Magic

17 June 2012

Sculpted goddesses in warm golds and burnished bronzes with stunningly diverse coifs. Elegance and glamour have no bounds.

Olympian Beauty

17 June 2012

"Olympian. adj. Majestic in manner, superior to mundane, surpassing all others in effect". Women athletes are a sum of attributes: intelligence, strength, determination, beauty.


25 May 2012

Tastes change and a craving for color changes with our moods or the weather. Beguiling blue, perky pink,  red and ready, or ostensibly orange. Fanciful black&white illustrations makes hair color pop, evoking fairy tale spells, portraits of yesteryear, or oriental sketches.

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