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The city comes to life after a season of elegiac melancholy. New neon shoots are pushing through the cracks in the pavement and a spirit of anarchy breaks free.

It will be your day, but needn't be overdone.Subtle pastel tones and the richness of flowers will do. Nothing is more perfect that a cloudy halo of baby's breath or a single flower accent.

Sebastian Professional Stylists look to international cities to draw inspiration for the new Urban Explorers Collection and Offer Travel-Size Versions of Care Products 

Natural mystique

08 April 2013

A bride for every season. And every bride deserves the perfect hairstyle and a bespoke headpiece that makes her look as if she has stepped out of a world of enhantment. A golden crown, an understated bejewelled drop, a frivolous and ironic lacy rose, a tribal ceremonial headdress. 

Color and cut, textures and shapes all in perfect harmony for fashion forward coifs. Trendsetters and their vision for the future.

Spring Romance

28 February 2013

There's romance in the air. Delicate touches of blonde and pink. Hints of light in flesh-coloured tones. Dreamy glances and pinched pink cheeks. These are the fundamental ingredients for the freshest look this spring.

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