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Psyche Collection by Richi Grisillo @ Toni&Guy

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 11:06

Whist the collection title talks to the conceptual stimulus of Rorschach’s psychological test, the meaning spans many levels for the artist, including a poignant juncture in his creative direction and a deepening of his emotional connection to the hair story unfolding.

A definitively artistic collection, Psyche explores the perception of light and shade through the minds eye. Drawing a conceptual reference from the Rorschach Ink Blot Test, the story presents six very organic structures that play with texture, shape formation, and a striking palette that alternates from monochromatic to muted colour tones.

The ingenuity of this collection derives from the artist’s unfaltering vision, a continually reinventing aesthetic that positions his work as one of real innovation and pioneering creativity. With an equal affinity to creative colour and styling methodologies, the marriage between the two disciplines within this collection is seamless, demonstrating a truly holistic approach to Avant Garde hairdressing. Working with natural dove tones in slate, sapphire and cream, the overall look is incredibly opulent and the finish beautifully ornate.

  • Credits
    Hair: Richi Grisillo @ Toni&Guy
    Photo: Sebastian Kriete
    Makeup: Mikele Simone
    Styling: Richi Grisillo


  • Richi Grisillo @ Toni&Guy

  • Richi Grisillo @ Toni&Guy

  • Richi Grisillo @ Toni&Guy

  • Richi Grisillo @ Toni&Guy

  • Richi Grisillo @ Toni&Guy

  • Richi Grisillo @ Toni&Guy


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