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Less is Much More in Summer Heat... with Carol Bruguera

Saturday, 18 July 2015 12:56

Summer Waves is a street wear collection that updates the three classical lengths – an edgy short, a soft medium and a luscious long mane.

Carol Bruguera's Team signature style uses the natural form and weight of the locks in the superior section of the crown, followed by three distinct undulations that are brightened by a combination of various natural tonalities.

The result is a style much more akin to the recent #iwokeuplikethis trend, without, of course, interrupting an overwhelming aura of sensuality and elegance. These are attractive looks that can be easily translated to everyday life...!

  • Hair by Carol Bruguera

  • Hair by Carol Bruguera

  • Hair by Carol Bruguera

  • Hair by Carol Bruguera

  • Hair by Carol Bruguera


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