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Uros Mikic's Urban Queens

Tuesday, 12 May 2015 12:36

Inspired by a recent trip to the Big Apple, Uros fell in love with the variety the streets of New York had on offer. The elegant, the tough and the edgy fashion, lifestyle and architecture.

This variety and the different looks were conceptualised into Urban Queens, forming a collection of strong structures and deconstructed looks which achieved softness and movement with a 1970s bohemian-inspired look. The cuts have an element of disconnect to create a strong feel while the styling keeps it feminine and soft. The twist? Incorporating strong men’s barbering techniques like fading into the styling to achieve a harsh, edgy shape.

  • Credits
  • Hair: Uros Mikic
    Makeup: Andrea Damyon
    Photo: Simon Cecere
    Styling: Mojca Bizjak-Mikic


  • Cape Town. Stormy clouds encouraging attitude galore with this soft undone cloud of hair that plays with texture and structure.

  • Paris. Done and undone waves to create a masterpiece fit for a queen of the old and new worlds.

  • London. UK punk in it’s finest form. Raw, edgy and full of character, this faded modern Mohawk speaks volume to the new generation of punk.

  • Barcelona. Arty, structured, precise, intriguing, secretive; a true representation of the art riddled streets of Barcelona.

  • New York. Cool and classic and effortless in it’s simplicity. The ever magical pixie cut with it’s timeless charm.

  • Tokyo. Disconnected in its lengths. Short and long to form an edgy bow to the modern rush of the Asian metropolis.


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