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Get frozen! Discover the cutting-edge Ice Collection by Lakmé

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 15:37

Imagine a storm by the sea: the black sky, the silvery glints on the waves, the roiling grey clouds and gale-force winds. Ice Collection draws its inspiration from nature at its wildest and darkest. The result is cutting-edge looks in terms of color and cut.

Silvery shades are the latest in haircolor, a trend that recognizes the beauty of grey hair and elevates it to modern status, making it both an object of desire for women of all ages and a veritable challenge for professionals around the world.

Ice Collection is based on cold, metallic greys, all achieved by blending existing shades from other Lakmé color lines: Collage (permanent color), Gloss (demi-permanent color), and Chroma (ammonia-free permanent color). To create the collection’s blondes, the first step was to bleach with K.Blonde.

Cuts and styling take their cue from the force of the wind during a storm. The layers and multiple lengths seek to evoke the wild, choppy sea. These are turbulent, edgy styles featuring disconnected layers that celebrate the freedom of each customer to express her personality through her hairstyle.

"To create the Ice Collection, I sought to capture the colors and force of a storm at sea in cold shades ranging from silver blondes to cool browns, complemented with cuts featuring disconnected layers and wild, turbulent styles," says Carlos Vidal, Creative Director of Lakmé.

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