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Pixelated Hair Revolution: Here's #xpresionpixel new batch!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 10:43

There is a new revolution in the world of hairdressing: #xpresionpixel – pixelated hair is the new trend for the most daring manes!

It has only been a few months since the pixelated hair has seen the light of day –check out Revlon Professional's Neon Collection!– and it has already been seen circling the world. From Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan UK, ESTETICA USA, Grazia NL, Grazia Fr,,, Wenn London, BuzzFeed, Seventeen, Lifestyle Editor, Repubblica.IT, The Independent.UK, Stellar Magazine, ABC News, Good Morning America, Grammy's Fashion TV, San Diego 6 News... alongside the mainstream media in the USA, France, London, Berlin, Italy, Japan, Australia! No one can stop talking about this innovative technique created by Spanish hairstylists X-Presion!

Within hours of publication in the United States, the revolution has impacted over a million people! In addition, hairdressers who are trained with the system have shared their creations on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by using the #xpresionpixel hashtag, which has become a trend that has gone viral on the internet.

Express, create and share. This synthesis of thought was brought about almost a decade ago and prompted hairstylists Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo and Jorge Cancer to form X-Presion, a company devoted to R+D in hairdressing. #xpresionpixel is the latest innovative technique out of this company and the result of that investigation.

The look is achieved by clarifying and/or slightly obscuring certain areas of the hair giving a sense of vivid color, which is transformed with each movement making the pixelated 3D effect. An exclusive service that revolutionizes the world of hair and offers endless color variations. There are those who manage to blend in with the tone of each person's hair or you can use neon colors to give more of a contrast. #xpresionpixel is an innovative coloring tool that achieves a new capillary dimension and color pixelated effect for hair, while playing with movement and transforming these textures in the appearance of the pixel effect... never seen before.

Enjoy our gallery displaying the new batch of #xpresionpixel looks created by X-Presion!

For more information please visit

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion

  • #xpresionpixel by X-Presion


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