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Neo Deco, Vivienne Mackinder's AIPP Awards Winning Collection

Monday, 13 October 2014 11:38

Discover 'Neo Deco' the amazing collection by the legendary Vivienne Mackinder, Fashion Director Intercoiffure America-Canada, just awarded 'Best Commercial Hairstyles Collection of the Year' yesterday at the AIPP Awards 2014-2015 Ceremony in London!

'Neo Deco' is a hairdressing tour d’force, using braids, razor-cutting, color tipping and a variety of lengths, textures and other techniques to bring the bobs, shags and big hair of the 20s and 70s to new life.

“These days, it’s harder to be both original and wearable,” notes Mackinder, “to find a fresh way to make a woman look both pretty and confident.” Vivienne Mackinder solved that creative challenge in 'Neo Deco' by recombining ornamentation and shapes from the past into a completely modern statement.

  • “For me, both the fashion and the spirit of the 1920s and 1970s are connected. Strong, independent women in both eras explored new paths of expression,” says Mackinder, “and in both eras, dressing to shock was popular. Finally, both eras accented the style du jour with hair accessories.”
  • Credits
  • Fashion Director & Hair Stylist: Vivienne Mackinder, Intercoiffure Fashion Director
    Fashion Stylist: Jason Rembert
  • Make up: David Maderich
  • Photographer: Roberto Ligresti
    Videographers: Matt Nappo, David Guerrieri, Bill Capozzi
    Models: Julia, Red Letter Entertainment; Greta, Elite; Tania, Q
  • Hair by Vivienne Mackinder

  • Hair by Vivienne Mackinder

  • Hair by Vivienne Mackinder

  • Hair by Vivienne Mackinder

  • Hair by Vivienne Mackinder

  • Hair by Vivienne Mackinder

  • Hair by Vivienne Mackinder

  • Hair by Vivienne Mackinder


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