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(Fe)Mail Avantgarde Hair by Irina Dudenko

Sunday, 21 September 2014 20:22

Oneiric contemporary interpretations. Futuristic visions, hair becomes an amazing, unbelievable matter.

The Ukrainian Team of Irina Dudenko (Kiev) imagines amazing shapes to build a collection that speaks the language of unusual femininity. Fabulous geometry and extraordinary volumes beautified with strong colors.

  • Credits
  • Hair: Vika Beider, Olya Prudius, Julia Bezverkha, Irina Varapaeva, Marina Chernyak, Lena Semenenko, Liana Zubova for Irina Dudenko Team
    Styling: Natasha Glazkova
    Make up: Slava Chaika
    Photos: Olga Nepravda
  • Hair by Irina Dudenko

  • Hair by Irina Dudenko

  • Hair by Irina Dudenko

  • Hair by Irina Dudenko

  • Hair by Irina Dudenko

  • Hair by Irina Dudenko

  • Hair by Irina Dudenko


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