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Contradiction Collection by Woody & Amy Michleb

Monday, 01 September 2014 10:45

The inspiration behind this collection stemmed from a marital argument while Woody and Amy were planning their theme for the year!

As one of the few women gracing main stages and showcasing hairstyles live it was important to me to show elegance, beauty and strength with a collection. I wanted to do a mixture of Red Heads with texture, bold colors and feminine lines,” says Amy Michleb. “Woody on the other hand had a completely different idea.”

“My vision was a lot more futuristic than Amy’s. I love the contradiction of extreme texture and smoothness, and as a very technical haircutter the strong lines of the haircuts are softened by mixing pastel hues,” explains Woody, “We could not decide which direction to choose as we are both stubborn! So we ended up choosing both!”

Contradiction was brought to life on the Main Stage at the IBS New York with 'Team Amy' showcasing rich reds, sexy ladies and a lot of styling. While on the other side of the runway, Woody showed his models daring sides with geometrical hair cutting, soft afro textures and a futuristic appeal. Whether you were on 'Team Amy' or 'Team Woody' this Contradiction collection provides something for everyone!

  • Credits
  • Hair: Woody & Amy Michleb
  • Photo: Jason Setiawan
  • Make up: Adrienne Vasquez & Team 
  • Styling: Woody & Amy Michleb
  • Hair by Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair by Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair by Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair by Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair by Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair by Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair by Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair by Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair by Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair by Woody & Amy Michleb


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