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Tour de France with Woody & Amy Michleb

Friday, 18 July 2014 14:25

Woody and Amy Michleb's "Tour De France" combines stunning blondes and soft textures to complete this wearable European-inspired collection.

They combine gold, yellow and strawberry blondes, with ash, pearl and beige blondes in their predictions for these summer months, giving natural sun-kissed styles a professionals touch!

  • Credits
  • Hair: Woody and Amy Michleb
    Photo: Jason Setiawan
    Styling: Naanafya
  • Hair: Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair: Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair: Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair: Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair: Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair: Woody & Amy Michleb

  • Hair: Woody & Amy Michleb

  • WA Tour De France8


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