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Historical Movements by Uros Mikic

Wednesday, 04 June 2014 11:00

This collection is a revisitation of the ‘old days’. The essence is the natural movement of the hair; the natural texture, the flow of the hair, the cut that looks so effortless and natural as those in the days long gone.

Australian stylist Uros Mikic was inspired to bring to the new man the textures and simplicity of the men from days past, going back to the counts and earls of the Renaissance and to the military generals and admirals of warring times.

All cuts in the collection are very precise and detailed. The short sides are tapered close to the skin to enhance the clean lines and emulate the military razor sharp cut. The long cuts are tailored to show the maximum movement and the shape of the haircut to allow the natural look of the Renaissance to come through.

The styling plays with textures, enhancing the waves and the curls and showcasing the hair’s natural flow and movement. The sleek styling is very severe and straight; the curls are left very tight; and the waves are natural and loose.

Hair: Uros Mikic
Make up: Anita Rutter
Photo: Karla Majnaric
Stylist: Samantha Dorning

  • Hair by Uros Mikic

  • Hair by Uros Mikic

  • Hair by Uros Mikic

  • Hair by Uros Mikic

  • Hair by Uros Mikic

  • Hair by Uros Mikic


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