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Sumptuous Simplicity by Christophe Gaillet

Wednesday, 18 December 2013 11:09

French famous stylist Christophe Gaillet signs his ultimate collection under the theme of sophisticated simplicity – Diamonds. He focuses on textured effects on hair, that appear smooth, twisted or braided.

Gaillet maintains an angelic, powerful sweetness in his collection. He concentrates on square-like new age delicate unstructured braids, by allowing freedom it provides more femininity. The colors reveal intensely blonde metal reflections, bolder; the mixture provides the color to be a more subtle style. This sparked style of contrasting different silvers against intense blonde hair, transcends fashion and the season!

  • Credits:
  • Hair: Christophe Gaillet for L'Oréal Professionnel
  • Photos: Lukasz Radzieta
  • Make up: Elzbieta Jaskowska
  • Production: Mariusz Krysa
  • Christophe Gaillet's Diamonds

  • Christophe Gaillet's Diamonds

  • Christophe Gaillet's Diamonds

  • Christophe Gaillet's Diamonds

  • Christophe Gaillet's Diamonds

  • Christophe Gaillet's Diamonds


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