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Cosmic Velocity, a futuristic setting by House of Ernest

Friday, 13 December 2013 19:33

House of Ernest's 2013 hairstyles collection 'Cosmic Velocity' has been cleverly crafted. Pure sophistication, ultramodern haircolor.

Nakia Stevens, Artistic Director for House of Ernest, conceived 'Cosmic Velocity' playing with forward vision and creating shapes for a futuristic setting and a style for everyone. The result? A bright edgy hair allegory, showcasing astonishing haircolor and powerful attitude...

  • Credits:
  • Hair: House of Ernest
  • Artistic Direction: Nakia Stevens
  • Team: Gregg Churchill, Joshua Congreve, Kerryn Wilson
  • Clothing: Nanda Day
  • Photo: Shift Creative
  • Cosmic Velocity by House of Ernest

  • Cosmic Velocity by House of Ernest

  • Cosmic Velocity by House of Ernest

  • Cosmic Velocity by House of Ernest

  • Cosmic Velocity by House of Ernest

  • Cosmic Velocity by House of Ernest


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