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Neon by David Fergar

Friday, 04 December 2020 14:39

Fashion gone savage with a neon blast. A fresh and creative look that reinterprets the entire trajectory of fashion from the Sixties, through the Nineties, and into the immediate future.

For the hair we opted for a romantic up-do with water waves, elegant and sophisticated, thus counteracting the strength of the colour,” explains David Fergar. “The look culminates in a sublime wardrobe, with a maxi floral print neoprene bullfighter with neon tulle ruffles, with a very Andalusian touch.”

Hair and Make-up: David Fergar @davidfergarmua
Model: Marta García
Extensions:  La central del cabell
Clothes: Antonio Arcos
Assistant: María @bymariamuto
Studio: @estudiomierteran
Photos and Edits: David Fergar

  • Neón

  • Neón

  • Neón

  • Neón


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