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Dovima by Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza

Thursday, 03 December 2020 09:24

This joint collection between Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza is a homage to the first women who dared to be models during the 20th century. Women of stunning beauty who had the courage to work as models during a time when they were looked down upon.

One of them was Dorothy Virginia Margaret Juba, a young New Yorker who worked in a sweet shop. Dovima was the name that she invented for herself using the first two letters of each of her names. One day whilst leaving a restaurant, fate led her to cross paths with an editor of Vogue. Soon after she was posing for the best fashion photographers in the world and was paid a record $30 per hour by the Ford agency which employed her. She was elegant, distinguished and her mysterious smile was compared to that of Gioconda. Her work is part of the history of fashion.

  • Credits
    Hair: Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza
    Photo: Pavel Zverev & Alina Paranina
    Retouch: Javier Villalabeitia
    Makeup: Tatty Dyakova
    Stylist: Visori FashionArt
  • Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza

  • Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza

  • Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza

  • Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza

  • Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza

  • Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza

  • Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza

  • Manuel Mon and Gonzalo Zarauza


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