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Saitai Life by Paul Stafford

Saturday, 21 November 2020 17:52

Part of Denman Global Ambassador Paul Stafford’s creative exploration Saitai (妻帯 – Japanese Marriage), ‘Saitai Life’ shows how contemporary Asian and Irish street fashions reflect a connected lifestyle.

These two cultures that grew separately manage to share distinct nuances of art and style despite what are considerable differences in history, folklore and culture.

Paul combines his highly technical cutting and detailing with his love for personality through defined shapes and natural textures. Colour acts to enhance rather than be the focus of the images and all the elements of finishing, make-up and styling combine to reflect an individual with a personal connection to their culture.

The concept of Saitai celebrates the kaleidoscope of Asian street culture that enriches and permeates modern Ireland and the wider contemporary world. This collection ‘Saitai Life’ highlights the street fashions and free-spirited lifestyles today’s Asian and Irish youth cultures share. Each retaining a strong connection to a national identity while at the same time sharing an openness and passion for global culture.

Underlying Saitai is a love for the unity of kindred spirits; for collaborations in creativity and for a global understanding that what makes the world a better place is a joining together of individuals in a union; a sharing of ideas and visions – in simple terms, a marriage. 

  • Credits
    Hair: Paul Stafford
    Photo: Lee Mitchell Photography
    Makeup: DJ Griffin
    Styling: Sara O’Neill
    Products: Denman
  • Saitai Life

  • Saitai Life

  • Saitai Life

  • Saitai Life

  • Saitai Life

  • Saitai Life


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