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Nature Vibes by Erika Dancsó

Friday, 23 October 2020 05:12

Inspired by the colors of the autumn trees and metallic tones of winter. The combination of the clothes and hair textures resulted in the perfect, classic vibration. Erika's collection shows her feelings towards nature, the harmony and elegance through hairstyles.

  • Credits
    Hair: Dancsó Erika
    Coach: Laetitia Guenaou
    Photo: Jacek Ura
    Stylist: Weronika Wysoczyńska
    Makeup: Karolina Supernak
    Models: Ewelina Przeworska, Anna Niczyporuk
    Assistant: Katarzyna Grabka – Hair Square
    Executive Production: Ola Dyras
    Production: Dancsó Erika and Laetitia Guenaou
  • Erika Dancsó

  • Erika Dancsó

  • Erika Dancsó

  • Erika Dancsó


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