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Evolutio by Paula Hibbard

Wednesday, 01 July 2020 10:46

Harnessing the new decade and taking the opportunity to evolve her craft, Paula Hibbard’s new collection ‘EVOLUTIO’ not only pushes her creativity, it showcases the evolution of her technique, skills and career as a hairstylist.

‘EVOLUTIO’ encompasses the evolving nature of hairstyling as a craft. Designed with a little quirkiness and a clean execution, this collection embodies Paula’s love for styling and color. “EVOLUTIO’ represents the evolving story of my hairstyling journey and I couldn’t pick a better time to introduce it then at the start of a new decade,” says Paula.

Drawing inspiration from Paula’s belief redheads will be having just as much fun this decade as blondes, she has matched rich red colors with fresh blonde hues. ‘EVOLUTIO’ is a collection that showcases how Paula’s clever color choices amplify her talent for creating beautiful hairstyles with a classic, clean finish.

  • Credits
    Hair: Paula Hibbard
    Photo: David Mannah
    Makeup: Susan Markovic
    Assistant Cutter: Daniel Di lorio
    Assistant Colorist: Holly Breen
    Sponsor: De Lorenzo Haircare
  • Paula Hibbard

  • Paula Hibbard

  • Paula Hibbard

  • Paula Hibbard

  • Paula Hibbard

  • Paula Hibbard

  • Paula Hibbard


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