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LXXXVII by Megan Panozzo

Thursday, 25 June 2020 12:54

"The inspiration for LXXXVII derived from a time in my life where I needed to find joy and light in the wake of a family tragedy. My 7-year-old nephew, Jackson, was the 87th person to be killed on Australian roads in 2017," says Megan Panozzo.

It was the most devastating thing that could happen to a family, especially as he was an identical twin. "Since he left this world, I have made it my mission to achieve and live for the two of us. That is why I created a collection this is filled with color, because I believe the world needs more color and love," says Megan.

"I have since researched the spiritual meaning of the number 87 and found that its meaning realties to your guardian angels trying to connect with you. Through the number 87, they are showing you that you can make a positive impact on others by doing small things that will turn into big things. The number 87 bears the message from the Devine Realm that you can be a lightworker who makes a positive difference in the world. For my darling nephew, Jackson, I want to do that more than anything. I truly hope people view this collection and it makes them smile," says Megan.

  • Credits
    Hair: Megan Panozzo
    Photo: David Mannah
    Makeup: Chereine Waddell
  • Megan Panozzo @ In Awe Salon

  • Megan Panozzo @ In Awe Salon

  • Megan Panozzo @ In Awe Salon

  • Megan Panozzo @ In Awe Salon

  • Megan Panozzo @ In Awe Salon

  • Megan Panozzo @ In Awe Salon


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