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Enigma by Lea Shaw @ Rural Fringe

Friday, 19 June 2020 10:52

Enigma – ‘a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand’. Lea Shaw loves mixing texture and structure, light and dark, contrasting and opposing, reality vs perception.

"I’m hugely influenced by the Japanese underground scene. Tokyo and Japan in general I feel are the forward thinkers of the world, in fashion, photography, film and hair so when coming up with my first collection I was drawn back to that," says Lea.

  • In a world where everything is open to public perception and sometimes so misunderstood via social media etc, this collection is a representation of the mysteriousness and unknown that does still exist behind what we choose to share as a reality. Each hairstyle has a story contrasting with the model's look. From strong and structured hair with an almost lost expression to textured and whimsical with a fierce front, it’s not necessarily what it first seems.

  • Credits
    Hair: Lea Shaw, Rural Fringe Hair
    Photo: Dan Thomas
    Makeup: Roseanna Velin
  • Lea Shaw @ Rural Fringe

  • Lea Shaw @ Rural Fringe

  • Lea Shaw @ Rural Fringe

  • Lea Shaw @ Rural Fringe

  • Lea Shaw @ Rural Fringe

  • Lea Shaw @ Rural Fringe

  • Lea Shaw @ Rural Fringe


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