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Sassoon Academy Downtown Collection

Sunday, 12 May 2013 09:23

The city comes to life after a season of elegiac melancholy. New neon shoots are pushing through the cracks in the pavement and a spirit of anarchy breaks free.

Downtown New York’s Stephen Sprouse put 80’s youth culture on the global catwalk; graffiti maestro Keith Haring transformed street art into high culture, and enigmatic hair stylist Christiaan invented the buzz cut. Together these three pioneers and visionaries created a new visual language that directed the mood of the 80s and continues to influence popular culture today. A spirit of anarchy breaks free.

Creative Direction: Mark Hayes
Haircuts: Bruce Masefield and the Sassoon Creative Team
Hair Color: Edward Darley and the Sassoon Colour Team
Photo: Colin Roy
Make-up: Daniel Koleric


  • Sixties inspired fluoro outfits cling to lean bodies

  • Wearing a name

  • Faces are daubed with incandescent kool-aid colour

  • Extreme individuality and unorthodox beauty

  • Buzzed areas achieve a hard-edged look when juxtaposed with longer frayed panels

  • Patterns of matt and shine all play a part


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