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RE-CHARGE by Sebastian Professional

Sunday, 05 March 2017 00:26

In a connected world where technology drives every aspect of life, nature still holds the greatest power to fuel our creativity. Its raw and wild force recharges us, its power keeps us looking beyond, and thinking forward. This season, plug your digital self-back into the elements to recharge the self-inside.

Think outside the walls and wires, and harness the full force of nature to create high-tech haircuts, and multiple changeable styles. And experiment with a line-up of iconic liquid tools, each inspired by the untamed energy of the natural world, and refined with the most sophisticated technology. Creativity starts at the source – it’s time to recharge. What if… this is WHAT’S NEXT.

The pace of life we’re running at is so fast, and we’re connected to so many things, it’s a gift to be able to go back and reconnect with the world. Sebastian’s always been inspired by nature, and this collection was a chance to celebrate that. Our most iconic products have that raw energy infused inside them, and we wanted to demonstrate the different ways you can dial that up, but still create very clean, sleek, high-tech looks,” says Shay Dempsey, Global Art Director.

The haircuts we’ve developed are very minimal, head-hugging shapes, but then they’re given this natural charge through the products and the new techniques we’ve used. The way I see it, this collection is an invitation to rediscover these products that are so well known; to reconnect with them on a deeper level, and create new possibilities for hair in the salon,” says Michael Polsinelli, Global Art Director.

Sebastian Professional is introducing 6 new looks as part of the RE-CHARGE SS17 Collection. In this collection of contrast, discover the elements at work and recharge creativity from the ground up:

• Products – Nature goes high-tech: Celebrating Sebastian’s heritage of iconic products: From the explosive volcanic ash in ERUPTEK to the powerful blend of botanicals in POTION 9, each product is used in its purest form for striking, high-energy effects.

• Techniques – Signatures rewritten: Legendary tools and techniques twist together to create the most cutting-edge looks. From the crimping iron to the blade, from Skimming to Point Cutting, Pen Cutting or Pinch & Cut, Michael and Shay revisit the milestones of Sebastian’s heritage to break new ground for the hair artistry of tomorrow.

• Cuts – Endless versatility: For the generation raised in the digital age, experimentation is second nature. The cuts of RE-CHARGE are the most transformative in Sebastian’s history, ready-to-wear but with the ability to dial up or dial down at any moment when charged with powerful styling tools.

• Shapes – Future Minimalism: Simplistic, impactful, but expertly engineered, RE-CHARGE is a collection of forward thinking looks created to stand the test of time. Precision underlines advanced shapes, whilst the high-tech refinement of raw materials injects each style with its very own shot of super nature.

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