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Intertwined Masterpieces – Estetica USA’s Top Fifteen Braided Hairstyles of 2016!

Friday, 06 January 2017 22:00

Braided beauties have taken over the world of fashion. We see them in edgy editorial shoots and on whimsical runways around the world; we see them on celebrities, and of course we see them being requested more often in hairdressing chairs.

Braids are a no longer an option, they are a necessity to the services in a salon and now we need new inspiring ways to braid our clients into the hottest looks in 2016. Here, we have gathered the top 15 images from our Look of the Day collections this year, to inspire you to propose a braided hairstyle to your next client, and take your braids to the next level!

  • Hair: Joseph Ferraro at Halo Hair and Beauty / Photo: Richard Miles

  • Hair: Kristie Kesic, Stelios Papas Toowong / Photo: Elizabeth Grinter Illuminate Management

  • Hair: Local B

  • Hair: Matt Swinney @ Evolution Experience Hair Culture / Photo: Richard Monsieurs

  • Hair: Sharon Blain @ Pivot Point

  • Hair: David Corbett @ David Corbett Hairdressing / Photo: John Rawson

  • Hair: Nathan Cherrington @ Toni&Guy / Photo: Matthew Web

  • Hair & Products: Cotril

  • Hair: Laetitia Guenaou / Photo: Jacek Ura

  • Hair: Brodie-Lee Stubbins @ Rokstar Salon / Photo: Paul Christey

  • Hair: Suzie McGill @ Rainbow Room International / Photo: Jack Eames

  • Hair: Jérémy Blanc @ L'Oréal Professionnel / Photo: Arthur Bensana

  • Hair: Isabelle Maze @ Gina Gino Elegance Group / Photo: Marine Leroy

  • Hair: Jean-Michel Faretra / Photo: Yves Kortum

  • Hair: Jamie Benny @ Rush Hair / Photo: Jack Eames


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