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Elvis Forever – American Crew's David Raccuglia celebrates global icon in a one-of-a-kind photoshoot

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 21:33

American Crew has been a brand that has always steeped in American tradition. The brand was founded on the principle of grooming during the 30s, 40s, 50s, often featuring the most rebellious hairstyles imaginable.

The iconic Elvis Presley is starring in the American Crew’s latest campaign, especially as the original proponent of the pompadour, a style that is so much a part of his look and his image that American Crew founder David Raccuglia led this photoshoot with the icon in mind. “No one knew about the Pompadour until Elvis – he made that hairstyle his own,” said Raccuglia. “So having one of the most popular hairstyles and the ultimate master that wore the pompadour as an ambassador to the brand is just phenomenal.” A hairdresser first and an acclaimed photographer second, the industry icon that founded American Crew back in 1994 is the man behind all the brand's inspiring imagery.

The inspiration for the photoshoot was the famous image of Elvis’ backstage kiss. This legendary photo was shot by renowned documentary journalist Alfred Wertheimer, which focused on black and white images and a stark contrast in light. This adds a layer of charm and mystery known only to the King, which is the tale of this American Crew collection.

These images feature the essence of men’s grooming through the pompadour, which is a very technical haircut, yet very fun to do and actually simple to wear. This is the type of style that distinguishes this company's culture, and it is just great to find authenticity and relatability through iconic fashions of the past. “Our brand is a leader because we always look for authenticity,” said Raccuglia. “It’s real, we’re not faking it – and let’s face it, there’s something about Elvis that makes people smile – he's just so cool!

  • Credits
  • Photo: David Raccuglia
    Hair: Paul Wilson
    Makeup: Nellie Kim
    Styling: Christopher Campbell
    Model: Silviu
    Products: American Crew


  • Photo by David Raccuglia

  • Photo by David Raccuglia

  • Photo by David Raccuglia

  • Photo by David Raccuglia

  • David Raccuglia in action

  • David Raccuglia in action


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