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The Beautifully Orange Suite

Sunday, 29 April 2012 16:36

Tastes change and a craving for color changes with our moods or the weather. Beguiling blue, perky pink,  red and ready, or ostensibly orange. Fanciful black&white illustrations makes hair color pop, evoking fairy tale spells, portraits of yesteryear, or oriental sketches.

Credits for The Beautifully Orange Suite
Creative Direction and Hair Color: David Adams for redCHOCOLATE
Hair Cutting and Styling: Peter Gray for Collective Shift
Makeup: Rudy Miles using Aveda at beautybyrudy
Photography: Robert Lobetta
Post Production: Kay Lobetta
Products: Aveda



  • Orange underscored with darker lowlights.

    One side of the bob is longer, spreading into a fan that caresses the cheek.

  • An asymmetric beehive for a femme fatale.

    Sculpted in red. Handle with kid gloves.

  • Dramatic volume, height and color combined.

    The coif aflame in stark contrast to minimalist style.

  • An orange prism splintering into its basic elements.

  • Perfect equilibrium of form, volume, and color.

    But with breakaway tresses longing for freedom.


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