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Beautiful Noir by R+Co The Collective

Thursday, 21 July 2016 12:47

Cine Noir is an attitude that you cannot fake and The Collective, leaders of R+Co, managed to capture the essence of the look, by adding the modern twist, of course.

R+Co The Collective is made of Garren, “The Godfather of Hair” according to Vogue, and a true industry icon whose editorial work is consistently featured on the covers of leading fashion publications; Howard McLaren, with his vibrant personality, is known for creating and building legendary brands; and Thom Priano is recognized behind the most iconic campaigns and his styling of every “it” guy including Matthew McConaughey and Adam Levine.

Garren created the beautiful platinum angles, while Howard McLaren created a rocker chic with lots of volume a shade. Thom, however, focused on the flower child, with an effortless simplicity.

  • Thom Priano

  • Howard McLaren

  • Garren


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