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Chisel your face! Top 15 Curly Hairstyles from 2015 to Highlight the Curves

Friday, 08 January 2016 15:15

For the most part, hairstyles can be divided by two... curly hair and straight hair. In these past years, curly hair is pursued by more and more people, applying volume, hairspray and extensions unlike ever before!

Curly hair cannot only make you by become more coquette and graceful, but also highlights a cuter face with more defined features. ESTETICA shares with you the Top 15 wild collections from 2015, curating the best curly hair pictures of last year... Enjoy them!

  • Hair: Dagmar Goede / Photo: Bianca Toeps

  • Hair, Color, and Artistic Direction: Christofer Benson / Photo: Joseph Cartright

  • Hair: Megan Jobben @ Pro-Solo / Photo: Ivo de Kok

  • Hair: Felicitas Hair / Photo: David Arnal

  • Hair: Tracey Hughes @ Tracey Hughes Education / Photo: Bernard Gueit @ Crave Agency

  • Hair: ClubStar ArtTeam / Photo: Kai Wan

  • Hair: Haute Coiffure Française / Photo: Olivier Rose

  • Hair: James Earnshaw @ Francesco Group / Photo: Richard Miles

  • Hair: Eric Zemmour / Color: Laurent Micas, Laetitia Immordino & Laura Manaira / Photo: Gérard Taride

  • Hair: Raffel Pages

  • Hair: Bruno Marc Giamattei @ Marc Antoni / Photo: Richard Miles

  • Hair: Bert de Zeeuw Creative Team

  • Art Direction: Nicoletta Gauci / Hair: Mastery Designers / Photo: Tyna Vargas

  • Hair: Rizos / Photo: David Arnal

  • Hair: Danielle Barbey / Photo: Kale Friesen


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  • Shades of Sicily by Francesco Arancio 08 January 2016

    A collection by Francesco Arancio portraying colors inspired by the Sicilian landscape – a land conquered by the Romans, Byzantines, Ostrogoths, Arabs, Normans and Aragonese, it has been the inspirations for poets and philosophers from every epoch.

  • Aura by Sally Brooks 08 January 2016

    For Sally Brooks, it’s always about creating something beautiful and beauty comes in so many ways. This collection is about creating eight individual images that are timeless beauty. She designs most of the looks on the day when she sees the clothes, the models and lighting.

  • Chroma Textura by John Lewis Moore 08 January 2016

    John Lewis Moore was inspired by African and Indonesian fabrics with different hues and textures – layering the colors to create beautiful, stunning hairstyles.

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