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D!SRUPT! 2016 Goldwell Color Zoom Hair Fashion Collection challenges expectations

Thursday, 08 October 2015 16:17

Goldwell presents its 2016 Hair Fashion Collection, D!SRUPT, a groundbreaking range of looks that invites stylists to experiment with daring new shapes, dreamy textures and an eclectic rainbow of colors. 

Unveiled at the 2015 Global Zoom, a global artistic event, the new collection was inspired by the latest fashion trends. The result is something entirely new: a lineup of original, inspiring looks that challenge convention on every level.

Watch the mesmerizing D!SRUPT video here!

While designing D!SRUPT, the Goldwell Creative Color Zoom Team experimented with the shape, color and texture of hair. The disruption of not one but three hairstyling elements spurred a rush of creativity: It gave the team the freedom to create unique looks with reimagined dimensions, new coloring techniques and larger-than-life textures. Think strong shapes meet organic fluidity. Shiny materials combined with matte and flatteringly frizzy textures. Deep neutral backgrounds illuminated by disruptive vibrant accents.

The three global 2014 Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge winners joined the Color Zoom Master Team: Rodica Hristu, Goldwell Global Master Canada; and Neil Barton, Goldwell Global Master UK in creating this creative, fashion-focused collection. Together, they’ve shaken up the status quo: Their combinations of bright colors, neutral backgrounds, contrasting shades, extraordinary cuts and multi-dimensional textures are D!sruptive in the best possible way.

D!SRUPT: The Color
Applied strategically, intense color creates the illusion of movement. Dreamy, otherworldly combinations like deep Neutral Taupe and Pearl are disrupted by a strong touch of Vibrant Pink and Blue. Or a vibrant Blue –sharp like a laser– illuminates Deep Neutral Chestnut. “Laser light. Ambient light. Vibrant accents break deep neutral backgrounds,” explains Lidia Malez, Global Winner 2014, Talent Category, Russia.

D!SRUPT: The Shape
Proof that two seemingly separate shapes can perfectly blend into one stunning look. Interior layers create a unique shape, while a cut-out fringe lends the style a distinctive framing effect. Or a distorted bob becomes perfectly framed by a soft halo of Vibrant Green and Yellow hues that float around the exterior. “It’s about round shapes – distorted and full of movement,” details Hardy Tsai, Global Winner 2014, Creative Category, Taiwan.

D!SRUPT: The Texture
Hair’s not just smooth, wavy or curly: This collection is all about creating a perfectly disrupted texture. Think texture that expands shape, diffuses color and generates a mix of smoothness and frizz with undone appeal. Or a cut-out fringe that perfectly frames the face, while the rest of the hair has volume and a feeling of lightness. “Textures are larger than life, from weightless volume to odd marriages of multidimensional texture,” says Lok Chan, Global Winner 2014, Partner Category, Hong Kong.

Want to help design a Color Zoom Collection — and prove your talent to the world? Enter the next Goldwell Color Zoom Competition to test your skills and artistry against passionate stylists from across the globe! The next call for U.S. submissions will be in early 2016!

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  • D!SRUPT Collection

  • D!SRUPT Collection

  • D!SRUPT Collection

  • D!SRUPT Collection

  • D!SRUPT Collection

  • D!SRUPT Collection


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